The next novel by Kenneth will be "Shade Tree Mafia: Bastards of Babylon" and it's following series. You can also find other books below.

Hip Hop Murdered Me: The Luvella LeRoux Story
When a beautiful young girl from a small town in Louisiana spends her entire childhood dreaming of going off to college in the big apple (New York). Finally, graduation day comes and you can believe there will be a party to remember on the Bayou. It seems as if all of New Orleans will miss the young Luvella LeRoux who grew up with the nickname “Love”. Family and friends lined up to dance with and say goodbye to the first LeRoux to make it out of the Bayou. Quickly adjusting to college life and landing the intern job of a lifetime to catapult her dream of being a major journalist, Love accidentally discovers something that could bring down some of the most influential players in the entertainment world. The sweet, smart, respected, hard-working, naïve and now missing student could have a secret that will send shockwaves through the music industry like never before. The investigation grew cold and the cover up was perfect, but when the music industry elites attended the funeral they will cross paths with a mourning grandmother who has secrets of her own. If the pampered and arrogant A-listers make it out of the Bayou, they may just learn the value of having a peace of mind.
SHADE TREE MAFIA: The Last Real Saga

There’s a Civil War on the horizon, and this time it’s not the U.S. Government. The South’s most powerful family in Organized Crime is about to lose its leader “Martin Delruso” to terminal cancer.  Afraid to leave behind his daughter “Rebecca Delruso” and wife “Sharon Delruso” at the mercy of the New York Mafia, it’s urgent that he find the son of his maid that passed away 25 years earlier. “Adrian Delruso” was adopted and raised by the Delruso family as one of their own but the powerful New York Mafia would rather go to war than answer to their new leader. The Delruso’s know they cannot win a war against the North when the families combine as one, so “Adrian Delruso” makes an alliance no one will ever see coming. The son of a maid, poor adopted black kid from the south “Adrian Delruso” who is now the most powerful man in the Mafia and the son of a drug addict, poor white foster kid from the South who is now the most powerful man in the Aryan Brotherhood “Hard Rain” are on a collision course with the five Mafia families of New York.

Deprogram X: 10 Reason's Why Young Marriages End in Divorce​
Social Media has become one of the biggest thorns in the side of the modern marriage. As if marriage isn't hard enough for young couple’s life continues to pile on new challenges. Statistics confirm the divorce rate looming at around 50 percent but still, most people remain optimistic about falling in love. Thinking and knowing these problems exist isn't enough to help you and your partner stay together. Identifying the problems and addressing them with your partner before they began to affect your relationship is the best way to deal with these issues. To prevent the problem from ever becoming a problem is the new way to survive today's issues facing the modern marriage. In this guide, we will give 10 reasons why young marriages end in divorce to discuss with your partner. Also, we have provided a couple's Q&A to assist you.
SHADE TREE MAFIA: Bastards of Babylon​
With the biggest meeting of his life ahead of him, Adrian Delruso is on edge due to the betrayal of a longtime family friend. The New York Mafia wants him dead now more than ever and will do anything to stop him. The Los Angeles meeting is vital and will determine who has unlimited access to Mexico’s most powerful Cartels. Whoever makes this alliance will become unstoppable and their enemy will become dead. Adrian Delruso and his wife Noreen Delruso will travel to Africa to meet the only person left alive that knew Noreen’s family who was murdered when she was a child. Finally, able to relax and enjoy the quiet and the beauty of Noreen’s native country, a storm like no other is about to rip through the Delruso Family when one of their own will come face to face with a violent death.


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