Kenneth Thomas plans to release the second, third and final novel to complete the

“Shade Tree Mafia” book series.


 “Shade Tree Mafia" Bastards of Babylon

 “Shade Tree Mafia” There’s Envy Amongst Queens

 “Shade Tree Mafia” Shallow Breaths and Flashbacks

Genre: Drama

The White House ordered the CIA to start a new program called Activate America. The CIA will comb America's toughest prisons for the toughest inmates, who they will transfer to a new government prison where they will be trained to become America's newest Sleeper Cells. 

Genre: Suspense

The music industry has swallowed up a lot of lives. Now two Detectives are assigned a missing persons case that will bring some of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry to their knees.

Genre: Drama

A Psychiatrist opens a low income mental health practice called "I Love You in Lavender" when she witnesses a murder, suicide by one of her young patients and begins to know what it feels like as she starts to suffer from PTSD and drug addiction.

Genre: Drama

A young woman from Brooklyn is forced to return to the rough and competitive city handball courts to win a competition that would get her and her daughter out of the violent New York projects after being delivered the news that her fiance was killed in Afganistan.

Genre: Suspense

A lawyer takes a case that will have him questioning his faith when a Pastor is accused of murdering a high profile ex-mobster with PTSD that he is believed to be counseling.

Shade Tree Mafia

Genre: Drama

Series/Feature Part 1

A young African American boy from the south must figure out whether or not to become allies with the Aryan Brotherhood to save the lives of the white family that adopted him. 

Shade Tree Mafia: "Bastards of Babylon"

Genre: Drama

Series/Feature Part 2

Tragedy is no stranger to the Delruso family but at times you have to embrace evil to win a war. 


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